Tuesday, January 05, 2010

mission organization

The past few days I have been going rampant. Nothing was safe. I was clearing out drawers, closets, just about anything I could get my hands on to call "junk" and throw away. I am constantly "cleaning" my house, but what actually turns into decorating. But I still called this "cleaning" - CLEANING instead of what it actually was (decorating) ... so when my house wasn't CLEAN, it frustrated me. Finally I realized - Hannah, STOP decorating and start cleaning. Then, once me, myself, and I came to that conclusion I began to clean and organize like nobody's business.

My inspiration came from Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple Magazines (2 of my all time faves). So now that everything has a "place" in our house, I am hoping that it will be simpler to keep organized and clean.

Now my mission is to STOP spending so much time cleaning, organizing, and decorating.

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