Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Psalms 18:2

I'm actually blogging...can you believe it? I can't. The past few weeks have been INSANE!! Balancing all of the tasks of being a mother, wife, and student is not easy. The past couple of weeks Ava has been more fussy than usual also. At first we thought she was teething, then one day she was having problems going to the bathroom, but all in all I think the cause of her fussiness is that she is tired of laying around and ready to be mobile!!! She started cereal (still on single grain rice) and some juices (apple, white grape, and pear). She is "talking" and laughing more and more. She is also grabbing onto things more easily. She is about big enough for her jumper...which is good news. Her feet reach for the most part but her sense of balance is still a little off so it frustrates her if she is in there longer than a few minutes.

The past couple of weeks have been difficult also because PaPa found out he was not strong enough for anymore treatments for his cancer and is now home with Hospice coming to the house to check on them. We have been visiting him as much as possible. Ava just LOVES going to see him. She often "talks", laughs and smiles at him which brightens everyone's day. PaPa is the strongest, most positive man I know and remains that way every single day even through his struggles. He and Mema continue to be a wonderful example for us all through his strength, faith, and attitude. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families.

School is going well ... crazy, as usual. TONS of reading and such. I tend to stress more than I should and definitely more than Will does. I am trying to get another 4.0 and hope that it is possible but I have decided I also need to be easier on myself about it. I must learn that I can only do SO much and as long as I am doing my personal best ... that will be good enough! Most of all I need to make sure that I am there for Ava! :)

My favorite class is (of course) Basketball. There are only 4 girls (including myself) and about 15-20 guys. We play a game called "Slam Down" which is A LOT of fun. It is 3 on 2 alternating in new people after each score. I am called "Hurricane Hannah" by one of the coaches haha. I love being able to just go out and have fun. I have a few minor injuries from the class, however. A guy stepped on my toe which broke my big toe nail and once while doing a layup I got punched in the ear (somehow) by a guy ... but I made the basket, which made up for it! :) The only downfall of the class is getting sweaty!! The coaches have not told us of a women's locker room so we have been just changing clothes in a bathroom that is HOT and HUMID. Tomorrow I plan to ask where the locker room is so that we can actually shower and not have to smell during our following classes!! ...yuck.

Anyway, everything is going pretty well for the most part. Glad tomorrow is already Thursday!! Ready for the weekend, Will and I are talking about going out to eat and who know's what else.

Hope everyone is doing well ... I will try and continue to blog...promise. :)

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