Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer is coming to an end and there are still a lot of things i need/want to do around the house. I still haven't done the work on my bathroom that I wanted to do. I wanted to finish that before Ruidoso, but unfortunately that didn't happen. I also have wanted a desk area of my own to do homework, crafting, and to keep some of my things. I found a desk in storage that I plan on painting and doing something on the wall above. Hopefully I can accomplish a few of these things in the next few days. I also am finishing my book today (finally) and starting my next Jodi Picoult book called Salem Falls.
We had a really good time in Ruidoso last week. Katie, Ava and I left around 5 am on Thursday and arrived in Ruidoso around 11:30 NM time. That day we had a picnic and walked around a few "junk shops" and then went home to meet the McKinney's and have dinner. Friday we went to Carlsbad Caverns. We had a lot of fun but the drive was AWFUL! 6 hours round trip ... ugh. Then Saturday we went to lunch at Cafe Rio, shopped, went to the horse races, listened to music at The Dreamcatcher, and then went home for supper and got ready to leave the next morning. Ava liked Ruidoso but did not know what to think about the weather. It was pretty chilly the first evening there so i put a hoodie on her and socks. She looked adorable but didn't know what to think about sleeves and socks at first. She stayed with Nini while we went to Carlsbad and seemed happy the next day to have had a lazy day around the house. She didn't mind shopping or the horse races but wasn't a fan of the music at The Dreamcatcher. We sat on the upstairs balcony where she wouldn't be able to hear the music as well, but was ready to go home soon after. Overall it was a very good trip but we were both very happy to be home and see William. You can see more pictures from the trip here.
I am currently making 0 point Weight Watchers mexican soup. It is smelling pretty spicy ... we'll see how it turns out. I bought the vegetables for it about a week ago so I had already used some for other recipes and the green beans had gone bad so I sort of had to just use what I had. Hopefully this 0 point snack/meal addition will help me to stay on track. I have been doing pretty well but taking breaks here and there when I get tired of it. So far I have lost 3 pounds - not bad for only sticking to it for probably a total of 7-10 days! ...Now I just have to stay focused so I can lose the final 9-14!!

Ughhh ... random thought, but one thing that frustrated me lately was a bill we received from the pediatrician in charge of Ava while we were in the hospital. We were assigned a pediatrician once we arrived. The pediatrician came in the day after Ava was born to tell us that "I came in yesterday and looked Ava over and everything looked great!" ... Will and I were both confused by this and asked when he had come in. "Yesterday about noon. You both were conked out (referring to me and Will) and the baby was laying here in her bed ... I'm suprised I didn't wake you two". Will and I began to think about it and realized that all day the day before we had visitors and didn't sleep until that night! Anyway, the Dr wouldn't believe us so we ended the discussion still confused and wondering why this man was lying to us! Anyway, the following day was the day we were scheduled to leave. My dr checked me out at about 6am and we were told the pediatrician would be by shortly to release Ava so that we could go home. He didn't arrive until 230pm!!!!! We waited with our things packed and sitting on the edge of the bed for 6 and a half hours to have this man come in, not touch Ava once to uncover her or anything, and say alright ya'll can go! Needless to say, we were VERY unsatisfied by our experience with this dr. Come to find out, he used to prescribe himself drugs and does not have the best reputation anyway! (He is no longer Ava's pediatrician by the way) To sum up my frustration, we received a bill in the mail for $200 from this man! Now I understand that drs are expensive and he was the dr in charge of Ava if something were to go wrong and I am all for paying people for the work that they do ... BUT HE DIDN'T DO HIS JOB!!!! Let me remind you that this charge was on TOP of all of the other charges for Ava's hospital stay. Ughhh anyway, this morning I reluctantly sent the man a check for $200. Anyway, glad to put that behind us and move on ... without that certain pediatrician.
Anyway, Ava is asleep in her swing (of course) with Piggy in her lap. I am about to start some laundry and try to get a few things done around here. I have to reschedule our appointment to get our family pictures taken :(. Will is working for Homer the next couple of weeks before we head to Santa Fe and that time no longer works! ...hopefully we will be able to get in soon!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day (and sorry you had to listen to my frustrating story ... I just can't stand people like that!!!!)
PS I need your opinion. Like I said before, I am looking at repainting a desk that I found in storage ... BUT i just found this idea ... which should I do? Do you think that one would actually work out or be more trouble than it's worth? Let me know!

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  1. lets go back to New Mexico ... and bring our men with us! haha