Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hasta la vista

I am finished packing for New Mexico, and am ready to go! I am looking forward to the trip but not the drive!! Katie and I are leaving tomorrow morning at 5. I get up early, but I haven't gotten up THAT early in awhile. Oh well, I would rather leave early and get there early than waste an entire day driving-just gotta brew some strong coffee in the morning and I will be set! I wish Will could join us ... Ava and I are going to miss him. He has class and work all day tomorrow and is leaving for Eastland, Tx after work with a few of his friends. They are going to have a "fishing tournament" and then he has to work again Saturday. I am glad he is getting to go somewhere with the guys though, and I am getting to see Katie! ... it has been awhile!

Speaking of Katie ... in a recent blog post of hers, she compared Will to Robert Pattinson (AKA Edward in Twilight). I have been told to not be offended by this comparison because RP is a "teen heart throb" and it is actually a compliment. But something about my husband being compared to a VAMPIRE ... I don't enjoy. You can see the pictures she based her comparison on here. I will admit, in these specific pictures, they SORT OF look alike. But look at other pictures, and I hardly see a resemblance. I also do not find RP to be the least bit attractive, while William on the other hand, happens to be the most handsome man alive!

Our 1st wedding anniversary will be here before we know it! how the year has flown by. We have decided that we will go along with the traditional wedding anniversary gifts but get creative! Soooo this year is paper! I have a really cute idea (which I obviously can't share on here because it would give it away to William) bbuuutttt if you have any ideas involving paper and wedding anniversary gift ideas, let me know!

Anyway, I look forward to posting pictures of our trip! We get to go to NM twice in one month, could it get any better than that? YAY!
BTW: if you're looking for new tunes to listen to I definitely recommend Aimee Mann Radio on Pandora ... amazing.

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