Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a little this and that

I spoke with the photogropher that will be taking Ava's pictures. He does not have a studio and takes pictures at different locations. Soooo we are going to take pictures in our home, either out at the farm or at the park, and possibly at Nini's house. I am trying to research "baby photogrophy" to get ideas of some things that I want. So far I have some really good ideas (thank you Ashley). Some of the ideas that I like are Ava in her bed, Ava laying under a window with natural light shining in, the 3 of us on our bed, Ava in Will's guitar case, the 3 of us sitting on a quilt (at the farm or at the park) and Will playing guitar for us. More ideas are always welcome, though! So, please, let me know if you have any!! (outfits, location, poses, etc.)

We just finished a wonderful dinner! I love Tuesdays because Will gets home at 6:30 as opposed to 9 and we are able to eat an early dinner. Tonight I made Grecian Ribeyes, Tzaziki with pita bread, and Greek salad. It was delicious. I have decided that I like Greek food about as much as I do Mexican, which is saying A LOT!

We are getting ready to leave for NM Thursday morning, bright and early. I can hardly wait. I finished laundry today, ironing, etc. so that all I need to do tomorrow is actually pack our things.

Sadye called today and the dachshund that I visited in the shelter in Fort Worth (with the tumor and heart worm) is still there. I am not sure why she went back to check on her considering she made me promise I wouldn't!! I wish someone with the money and time would give this little love a new start to life and help her out. I don't know why I am so connected to this poor puppy, but I am.

Anyway, I am just sitting here holding my precious sleeping angel about to read my book. What a wonderful way to end the evening.

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