Monday, July 27, 2009

(I'm pretty sure he is trying to eat my nose here ... typical.)

It's thundering outside and I am so excited. Today's weather has been so refreshing. Some may not agree but I found the droopy, wet and rainy day to be a nice change!

Hope you all like the new and improved blog. I was getting a little tired of the old style. The picture that is my heading was taken at a old house outside of Megargel, Tx. Will's grandpa stayed in this house at one point in time when he was a teenager. The picture is of what we believe to be a part from an old stove. Whatever it is, I love it's character!

We had a wonderful weekend, beginning with Thursday night.
  • Thursday night: Ava and I went out to the farm with Will's family and cooked hot dogs. We had a really good time just visiting, laughing, and enjoying the nice weather we had (Will was still at work).

  • Then Friday: Will was off. We hung out around the house part of the day and then he and I went out to the farm, swam at his parent's house, and then ate dinner with them. Ava played for a long time that night, laughing and "talking" so much!

  • Saturday: Nini, Ava and I went "antiquing". I have decided to decorate my bathroom in what I am calling "rustic chic" (pictures soon). I collected many neat things this weekend from antique shops, the farms, etc. I am very excited! Then that night, Will, Ava and I had dinner at Nini's with Sarah, Ben, and Jacob.

  • Sunday (was wonderful): Sarah, Ben, Jacob, Will and I went fishing at about 7:30 until about 10:30 or so. We caught a few catfish and had a really good time! After, we drove around and took pictures of places around Pa-Pooh's farm that we love! That afternoon was spent at Mema and PaPa's house. We had a delicious lunch and a wonderful time relaxing with family! What a perfect Sunday! :) Pictures from this weekend can be seen here!

Today I decided to change my school schedule for next semester. I was originally taking Anatomy and Physiology II, Developmental Psychology, Government, Walking, and Running (we are required to take 2 "activity" courses). But I thought about it and realized that I should probably spread out my 'activity" courses to give myself a break from tough courses! Soooo after looking at classes I needed, what was available, etc. I am now taking Anatomy and Physiology II, Developmental Psychology, Government, History To 1865, aaannnnnd (drum roll please) BADMINTON!!!!! And better yet, Will is taking it with me!!!!! I am so excited. When we decided to take it, I thought we could just register when Will got home. About an hour later I decided to check and see what the status was as far as availability and realized that 18/20 had already registered! Luckily I was able to hurry and register us so Will and I got the last two spots in the class.

Ava has started sucking her thumb and it is so cute. At first she struggled with getting it in her mouth really well so I thought she was just chewing on her hands and thought nothing of it. Then the past few days she would sort of do the same thing but sucking a little bit more and smacking SO LOUD while doing so. But today, she actually sucked her thumb ... a lot! She has mastered the art. haha.

Anyway, no big plans for tomorrow. Hopefully going to read my book (I am really behind). I also need to work on my bathroom, do laundry, and begin packing for New Mexico (leaving Thursday at 5am!! :)

Off to sleep to the sound of the thunder and rain ... what a perfect night! Sweet dreams.

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