Thursday, August 06, 2009

finding beauty in the imperfections

"Je t'aime plus qu'hier moins que demain"

Okay, so here is where I quote the nester and say that "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". Now these words are hard for me to admit. When it comes to making things myself, I am a perfectionist. This is the sign that I made for my bathroom out of wood and rusty wire that I found out at the farm. (you can actually read the bottom letters in person, just not in the picture). Considering my bathroom is supposed to be "rustic chic" (rustic being key), this project was not supposed to be perfect - which was hard for me to come to terms with. Anyway, what do you think??

Yesterday was such a BLAH day ... I couldn't make myself do anything!! It was pathetic. So this morning when I woke up feeling the same way, I was determined to not have another blah day. SO i turned on some Aimee Mann Pandora radio and began cleaning my house. I got a lot accomplished and am very pleased!!

Ava has been taking long afternoon naps in her swing (which has been nice). This has allowed me to get more done during the afternoon. But she has been sleeping SO soundly that I start to worry about her and have to check on her a lot.

Today was Will's last day of summer school (YAY!) but this means the beginning of A LOT of work!! He is filling in for Homer for the next week on top of his usual schedule so will have a lot of overtime. This is nice considering we could use the extra money before going to Santa Fe and also before school starts, but I wish he could be home more. I was glad he was able to get off at 6:30 tonight so that we can go to WF to celebrate PaPa's birthday at Olive Garden, YAY!! Also, we were trying to figure a time to go on a date before school starts. We were going to Fort Worth Sunday night to go out to dinner and get a hotel for the night but we both need to meet with our advisors and Monday is the only time Will is able to. SOOO... we decided that we will go to Salt and Pepper (our favorite Medditeranean restuarant) Saturday night instead. It will be nice to have a night by ourselves before school starts!

Well, got to go get ready and read a little more of Salem Falls which is VERY good!! I meant to read more last night but apparently I fell asleep. Will was nice enough to take my glasses off and put my book away for me ... haha.

Ready for some Olive Garden ... yummmmmm.

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