Friday, August 07, 2009

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(Ava sitting in my lap before PaPa's birthday dinner last night. Her outfit has a tutu skirt but you can't see it in this picture) :)

I woke up this morning with a creative urge. I have been wanting a "home office" area of my own for my crafts and school work (I believe I have already told you this) so today I measured the desk and cleared the area in Will's "man room" where my desk will go. With Will working so much, I won't be able to get the desk until Sunday probably but like they say, patience is a virtue.

Since I wasn't able to really work on my desk area I decided I wanted to finally do something with my chalkboard paint. We had a sign that said "Welcome to our Home" that I wasn't all that crazy about soooo I decided to chalk board it! I haven't gotten any chalk yet but here is the finished product.

Nini and Papooh got back from Ruidoso today and brought home some of my "finds" that I got while in NM. One of them is this table for Ava. I plan on painting and decorating it but haven't decided what I want to do to it yet. So far I have thought about stenciling her name or initials on the backs of the chairs, definitely painting the wood, and on the surface I thought about making it a chalkboard for her to write on but haven't decided yet. I can't WAIT to spend many hours playing dress up and tea party at this table with her!! (something I loved doing when I was little) Anyway, I found this little treasure at a garage sale for $25. Not bad considering it is like new and was originally marked for $40.

Here is yet another of my secondhand finds. But I can't take all of the credit for this one. Nini found this in NM and decided she didn't want to use it so I claimed the potential beauty. Again, I haven't decided what I want to do with it, but I have some ideas. I can't think of anywhere (maybe above the table in my entry) that I need a mirror so I sort of thought about painting the frame white or a fun color and making the glass part either a cork board type thing or (again) a chalkboard for above my desk. Either way, I am definitely painting the frame. Any ideas?

Well that is all in way of "fixer uppers". I will have pictures of my desk asap, it is currently in storage. It is a wood desk (not sure the condition of the wood) but I can't decide if I should paint it or leave as is...? If i painted it, I considered an antique white with darker edges (I think you know what I'm talking about??). I just can't decide. I also better hurry with all of these projects. Santa Fe trip is coming up and then school.

I considered going to garage sales in the morning, but I'm not sure. I seem to have PLENTY of projects. Tomorrow night is Will and my date night!! I am so excited. Ava is spending the night at "Gram and Pappy's". It'll be nice to have a night to ourselves before the craziness of school begins. Will worked from 6:30am-9pm today and then 4:30am-6:30pm tomorrow so hopefully he is conscious for our date ... haha.

Anyway, need to finish dinner before William gets home. We're having curry chicken, wild rice, and broccoflower. Yummmm.
Here is another picture of Ava. She has been hanging out in her "hippie" shirt and a diaper tonight and couldn't be happier! Goodnight!! :)

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