Thursday, August 13, 2009

on my mind

Hellloooo. Long time no see! I guess you could say that I took a temporary hiatus from blogging. Our internet was down yesterday but other than that I have been VERY attached to my book (Salem Falls). It is very addicting and I recommend it to anyone that likes to read. You won't be disappointed. I started it probably 3 days ago and am on pg. 355 out of 434. I should be able to finish today! After this book, I plan on reading another Jodi Picoult book called The Pact, but before I do so I have promised William that I will read James and the Giant Peach. He claims it is one of his all time favorites.

Tomorrow is picture day! I am looking forward to finally having family pictures to frame around the house and to put in albums. We have decided to take pictures here at our home and then at Nini's (inside and on her back patio). We were planning on going out to the farm (which we may still, who knows?) but we're afraid it will be too hot!! Will is wearing khakis with a white button down linen shirt, I am wearing black linen pants with a white ruffly button down and turquoise jewelry and also a hot pink button down to match Ava's pink outfit. Still not sure what else Ava will wear but I know I want a few naked jaybird pictures. :)

We leave for Santa Fe on Sunday!! I can't wait :). We will return Friday to have 2 days of summer left before school starts. I am looking forward to starting classes again but also dreading it at the same time. I have had a very enjoyable (and lazy) summer with Ava and I know I will miss her while I am gone to class. However, I always do better when I am busy and will enjoy getting back to the daily routine of classes. I DESPERATELY need to start working out again. I do not start class until 9am on Mon, Wed, Fri and have a break on Tues/Thurs so hopefully sometime in there I can squeeze some trips to the new rec!

I met with my advsor the other day and looks like I won't be graduating until December of 2012 (dreadful sigh). I will apply for nursing school this December (which my advisor said I should have no problem getting in) and then begin clinicals next fall. Clinicals at MSU are 5 semesters so there is no way that I could take summer school or mini mesters to speed up my graduation date. I am a little disappointed but at the same time, after thinking it over, a little relieved. Say I were able to speed up my graduation date by taking more hours/summer hours/mini mesters, I would probably work myself to death doing so and also not be able to spend as much time with Ava. So I guess there is some good in everything.

I found a couple of MUST follow blogs. They are both entertaining and motivational:


chatting at the sky was especially moving and thought provoking...I really recommend adding both of these wonderful blogs to your "must read" list!! :)

Also, another one of my loves, The Nester recently had what she calls a "swap meet". Click here to read about it! I think this is a wonderful idea and wouldn't mind having one (if I had people to have one with, of course!)

Off to iron, clean, and read ... whoo hooo.

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