Monday, July 13, 2009

Random picture that I found, but I love it. It pretty much depicts what I have felt like doing all day, except that it is WAY too hot. 108 was the high today... YUCK, talk about miserable. I have been so bored and worthless today, it is pathetic. But it's hard to do anything since its not good for Ava to get out in the heat.

The weekend was good. We had dinner at Robert and Julie's Friday and Saturday night and swam most of the day Saturday. I got some much needed vitamin D! Sunday was great! I ran, then went to church, and spent the afternoon with family, what a perfect Sunday!

I am considering going to Fort Worth tomorrow, but have not decided yet. Isaac and I are wanting to go swimming and Sadye and mom agreed to watch Ava if we did. Also, since mom, sadye, and I all read My Sister's Keeper together we want to all see the movie. Mom is also hooked on the antique mall (I am pretty hooked myself) and Salvation Army (haha.). She wants to take me along so I will document my finds (if I find, that is).

Ava has been "talking" a lot lately. She is currently hanging out in her pink bloomers since it is so hot outside! The child LOVES to be naked!!! hahaha. I think she is getting bored, as am I,so maybe the trip to FW is much needed. I want to go see Ash but have plans the rest of the week and haven't decided if a 5 hour trip in the car alone with Ava would be anything but stressful!

Anyway, gotta go finish supper. We're having Oregano Chicken, Orzo with dill tomatoes and feta cheese, and asparagus - yum!!!

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