Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I can't tell you how badly I want a puppy. So many people have tried talking me out of it. I begin to agree with them once I see where they are coming from and the points they are making but it never fails!! I ALWAYS go back to wanting a cute little mini dachshund!!! I was looking into adopting one considering they come already spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and older. I thought this would be better considering our schedule, etc. So I started looking online at shelters and I found one. Sadye and I started looking at shelters and then I just HAD to go visit "Maureen". Well we went and saw her and of course, she was as cute as can be. She cried and put her paws and rubbed her ears and nose up to the cage wanting me to give her some lovin'. I was attached the minute I saw her, but then I realized her paper said HW+++++ :(. Meaning she tested positive for heartworm. I asked the workers if it had been treated, etc. and came to find out that she also has a tumor. I was so sad. I would absolutely love to take this little love into my home and help her, but obviously I don't have the means to at this point in my life (which broke my heart). The picture above is not of Maureen, just a dachshund, I couldn't get the picture I took of her to upload from my phone :(

Anyway. Ava and I decided to come visit Mom, Sadye, and Isaac yesterday. I went running and then left at 9am. We hung out in the afternoon and then went to see My Sister's Keeper (Ava's first later). I was very disappointed in the movie. The movie itself was good but compared to the book, it was completely different. The ending wasn't the same and quite a disappointment.

Today I joined weight watchers which my family is making fun of me for. BUTTTT... I have 10 lbs to lose to be back to my "pre baby weight" and I wanted to find a way to lose the weight healthily and have a plan to stay on track. I went with mom to her "jazzercise" class this morning. It was pretty fun. I love group workout classes though! Later in the day, Sadye and I visited Jamba Juice and Half Price books and several shelters. Tonight, mom and I made fish tacos which were very yummy!

Ava and I are going home tomorrow morning first thing (after I run). We are starting to miss our daddy and are ready to get home to him!

Ava is going to bed earlier and earlier lately. Last night she went to bed about 9:30 and slept until 7. Tonight she went to bed about 9. We'll see how she does tonight! Such a big girl!!!

Alright well I'm going to hit the hay early tonight, a little tired. Hope everyone rests well and has a wonderful night! God bless!!!! :)

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