Friday, July 17, 2009

home sweet home

Lord, look down from heaven above and touch this special child with love. Protect and guide this little one until each and every day is done. Remind us often that it's true: this little life is a gift from You. A miracle You've sent our way. Lord bless this little child.

Ava and I are very glad to be home after our trip to Fort Worth to visit Mom, Sadye, and Isaac. We had a really great time. So great, in fact, we decided to stay 2 nights as opposed to the planned 1.
Tuesday: I got up and went to the track at about 7am. We left shortly after, around 9 for Fort Worth. When we got there we went to Rosa's and had lunch. I was going to go swimming but we decided to go to the matinee of My Sister's Keeper instead. This was Ava's first movie and she was VERY good! The movie on the other hand was not VERY good, I was quite disappointed. After reading the book, I felt like they took the "easy way out" when making the ending of the movie. The two endings were completely different. The characters were also less developed, typical of most books turned to movies. Anyway, the two pictures are from the movie. One of Ava and I before the movie and another of Ava doing what she does best...she pretty much slept the entire movie. Later that night we made shish kabobs (sp) and hung out with the fam!

Wednesday: First thing in the morning I went with mom to "jazzercise". I will be honest, I was a little skeptical about it at first, but it was quite fun and a pretty good workout. That day we ran errands and Sadye and I visited puppies at the shelters (told you I was obsessed). That night while Sadye went to church and Isaac to basketball practice, mom and I made delicious fish tacos.
Thursday: I went running in the morning at the walking park in my mom's neighborhood which was very enjoyable. We made homemade pizza for lunch, went to Half Price Books, and then Ava and I headed for Olney (we were tired and ready to be home).

My mom started Weight Watchers this past week. This weekend I also joined Weight Watchers. Some people I have told have told me that I am crazy but I still have 10 lbs to lose from having Ava and I figure along with my running, this will be a good way for me to stay on track toward getting my "pre baby body" back. I really would recommend Weight Watchers to anyone, it is great. Mostly it is all about portion control. The first couple of days is difficult getting the hang of it but once you get into it, it simple. And the great thing about this is that unlike most diets, I dont feel hungry during the day, and if I do, there are plenty of things that I can eat and still stay on track. Seriously, look into it. And if you have any questions, just ask me!!

Today I went on a major cleaning spree and cleaned the majority of the house. The only things left to do are to fold laundry and clean out Ava's drawers. I try to get most of my cleaning done on Fridays since Will is off and can help me with Ava, it makes it a lot easier. Tonight for supper we had beans and cornbread, which was delish!! (I had baked chips instead of cornbread, sticking to my diet!!)

Anyway, Ava just went to bed. She was fighting her sleep very badly, I couldn't believe how exhausted she was but refused to fall asleep. Well off to watch a movie with William! :) Have a wonderful night, sweet dreams!

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