Thursday, July 23, 2009

thats life.

Today has been a total FLOP of a day, good grief!! I decided this morning that I needed to go to Wichita for a few things. My bathroom is my least favorite room in the house and I wanted to fix that. But, like I said before, flop! We got there and Ava was not as excited about the "re vamping" of the bathroom as I was. She did not want to be there, at all. So with her fussing, not really knowing what I wanted, etc. I didn't have much luck and it ended up being more of a stress than it was worth. But I was determined to not go home empty handed. So I ended up buying two candle sconces (sp?) and a sectioned shelf for the walls. I am a little worn down from the trip so I don't plan on hanging them today. I have no idea what I am going to put on these shelves!!! Haha this has turned into a dilemma. I am looking to create a relaxing retreat out of my small bathroom ... not sure this is going to be accomplished...any ideas??

Yesterday was a great day though! I organized my house and moved some things around and am very happy with the "little transformations"!

Ava is doing well, she has a new "friend" that she plays with a lot now. Her name is Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy rattles and makes all kinds of noises and she LOVES playing with it in her swing!!! She will be 3 months old tomorrow!!! I can't believe that much time has already gone by, it has FLOWN!!! We are looking to get her 3 month pictures taken soon along with some family pictures which I am very excited about. We dont really have any pictures of the three of us and I would really like some for around the house! Hopefully we can get them done soon! Meanwhile I am looking online for ideas of some pictures that I want!! :)

Next week Ava and I are headed to Ruidoso, NM! I am really excited. Katie is coming down Wednesday night and we are going to leave first thing Thursday morning and meet everyone out there! I haven't been in over a year and it will be nice to get away for a few days!
Well, this has been a pretty random blog, but I guess a catch up!

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