Wednesday, July 01, 2009


May soft be the grass you walk on, may fair be the skies above you, may true be the joys that surround you, may dear be the hearts that love you. ~Old Irish Blessing

My dear little Ava is sick today :( . She started sounding sort of congested yesterday so we had her sleep with a humidifier last night. When she woke up this morning she wasn't doing much better. Poor thing. She hasn't been grumpy, just pretty congested and keeps looking at me like, "what is this?!?!" So I've been getting her to nap on and off today, hoping she will start to feel better. We have been doing saline drops in between naps and let me tell you, she isn't a fan. (But then again, come to think of it, if i were a baby and someone were spraying the inside of MY nose with wet stuff, I wouldn't know what to think or like it either).

Anyway, I went running yesterday again. I am up to 5 miles for the week so far (in 2 days). Not bad, just trying to work up to more than 10 laps in 30 min, but I'll get there. I am going tonight when Will gets home from work. I couldn't go this morning since Ava was up needing to eat while he was getting ready for class.

I have had a few VERY relaxing days the past few days. It has been nice but I am starting to feel a little bit lazy. I have been reading my book (which is pretty good, definitely recommend it), listening to The Coffee House radio station on Sirius/XM, and have been on my computer quite a bit. I have found a lot of websites that are good for home decorating and also some good fitness blogs and some that are just REALLY interesting! (haha oh well, that's what summer is for, right?) Here are some links to my new found faves, maybe you will find them as enjoyable as I have!!:

Anyway, I do not recommend going to those sites unless you plan to be hooked, or like I seem to be, obsessed.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I know I am.

Life is beautiful!!

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