Thursday, July 02, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Ava in her pajamas. Sick, but you'd never be able to tell. She's always so happy! Such a joy!

I am so ready for Ava to be well!! Poor thing has an awful cough and is still congested. I called the nurse yesterday and they told me to use nasal spray and a suction for 24 hours and if she wasnt better then to get dimetapp for babies behind the counter at the pharmacy. Well, i called about 4 pharmacies only to be told I was crazy! "Ma'am, I'm afraid there is no such thing" ... "are you sure, that is what my doctor's nurse recommended!?". Went through this same thing with each pharmacy so finally called the doctor's office and got a different nurse. Apparently they didnt see on the charts where the previous nurse had told me that. I must be losing it.

SO...we're continuing the nasal spray and suction (she's still not a fan) but she continues to be positive. Mid cough i catch her smiling and cooing at the fan above. Today she smiled when I was talking to her too!! I was SO thrilled!! (haha I was telling her how stinky her diaper was...)

Went running AGAIN last night, very proud of myself. Let me back track a little bit...

I am the type of person that: 1) Absolutely HATED running 2) Felt like my THIGHS rubbed together and my shorts rode up the entire time 3)Felt goofy running because I never thought I looked graceful doing it and "wasn't doing it right" 4)Would push myself to run to the "next stop sign" and never have the motivation to actually make it there.

So for me to be running and enjoying it, is a really great accomplishment. (I recommend the beginner's running plan written in one of my blogs) I got to the track about nine and it was getting pretty dark. I was kinda nervous at first but decided to stay and that I would be fine! I ended up doing 11 or 12 laps (decided to count it as 11 since i did at least that much) which would amount to 2.75 miles, not bad. Up to 7.75 miles since Monday. Going again tonight!!

So, short story for today:
We get a little newspaper here in the "BIG O" called the Shopper. It is basically a pathetic excuse for classifieds in its own little newspaper. I am usually tempted to tell my mailman to not deliver these to our house because it is simply a waste of paper (usually taken directly to the trash can the minute it is received). But today, i decided to make the best of the daily Shopper and see what I could find! AND i found an ad for a garage sale in the morning that has a "hoosier cabinet". To my best understanding, this is somewhat like a "bakers rack" which is what I have been looking for to put in my dining room! Anyway, I plan to venture to the lovely town of Loving to see if i can turn this "hoosier cabinet" from trash to treasure (hopefully painting it an accent color). I'll post pictures and let you know how it goes!

Will is off tomorrow and no school 'til monday!!! YAY!!! Can't wait for him to get home from work tonight and relax with me!! :)

Have a wonderful rest of your day, I know I will!!!

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