Sunday, January 10, 2010

love this look

photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

I just love this look, don't you?  I am looking to do this somewhere in my house but coming up with so many frames can be time consuming and costly. Then you have the decision of, do you want the frames to all match, or no? Not to mention the time spent picking out the perfect pictures and then printing them! -hopefully I will get around to it soon. (I sort of started something like it here-but I have a long way to go).

photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Or this look? Oh, be still my heart. I am hoping to possibly look for frames this week and maybe try to "recreate" this look ... for a little less expensive than shown here. I just hope that once I get it done I do not think it looks cluttered (I have been known to do things like that). The Nester and Chatting at the Sky both do a very good job of recreating this type of look ... if you're wanting more inspiration in this department. And plus, as I have mentioned plenty of times before, their blogs are just amazing anyway and anybody who is anybody should read them-trust me.

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  1. I have had the same thoughts many times!! I'm makeing a craft room/ office and i think i am going to do a collage like the top one with some frames I got for christmas!! Can't wait to see a picture of your final product!