Wednesday, December 16, 2009

accidents are for spilled milk

Awhile back someone asked me if Ava was an accident. And at the time without giving a second thought to the question I said: no, she was not. Now, you and I both know exactly what this person meant, but recently I have been giving this question a lot of thought.

Do I believe Ava was an accident? Absolutely not. I do not believe that any child is an accident because God doesn't have accidents. I believe that each child is a blessing and a gift from God and that He has a plan for each and every child. No, Will and I hadn't expected a child so soon, but God did and decided to bless our lives like never before.

How do I know that God had this planned? One reason is because I had not the wildest idea how to take care of a child, I had no clue how to cook (anything but a quesadilla, maybe), and God equipped me with every piece of knowledge and understanding I needed to be a successful mother and wife. And it is amazing to me how he does this, it is like one day you roll out of bed and you just know!! And now, as I look around our home, I realize how much I would not have if it weren't for Ava and we are truly blessed by an awesome God.

So often we don't slow down and realize that sometimes our blessings come in disguise. We must carefully live our lives and follow the direction of the Lord so that we take full advantage of our many blessings and not miss out on one! :)

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