Saturday, August 15, 2009

pictures speak a thousand words

We got Ava's pictures taken...YAYYY!! They turned out so well, we were very pleased. Carter did such a wonderful job, as always. Taking the pictures went well overall. Getting pictures is suprisingly a little difficult as opposed to say, engagement photos. I was telling my mom, I was so focused on trying to talk to Ava and get her to look at Carter (in a way other than, "what is that big black thing where that guy's face should be??") that I forgot to do the usual things such as fix my hair, suck in, you know...the usual. Haha...welcome to motherhood! (It's pretty wonderful and I've never been happier)
Anyway, these are just a few of my favorites. If you click here you can see all of them! :) Isn't she absolutely precious .... mmmmmm i love her!
Here is the picture of Ava taken before our little intermission ... she was getting hungry. Even though she is upset, this is definitely one of my favorites. Look at that face!!! :)
We had a really good time. We took some of the pictures at our house and then a few at Nini's, in her living room and also in her back yard. Luckily the wind was blowing and it was a pretty pleasant afternoon.
Anywhoo... we leave for Santa Fe in the morning, I am so excited! Ava and I spent most of the afternoon doing laundry and packing for the big trip. I was dreading doing laundry, however, so we decided to do a little garage sale-ing! And here are my finds:
I got this wonderful changing table for $25!!! What a steal!! It is in perfect condition and does not have a single scratch. We already had a changing table but it also looks like a dresser and only has 3 sides. So I'm using her old changing table as a dresser. (My house may bust at the seems if I get another piece of furniture).
I also got this espresso set which is going to be Ava's future tea party set. The cups are tiny and so cute! It is actually made of porcelain and is from Brazil (the lady told me and there are also the original stamps on the bottoms). I am considering painting or stenciling a simple flower or something on the front... or maybe a "classic font" A ... or I may leave them how they are. Who knows? All I know is that I cannot wait to sit at her new table with her and play dress up and tea party!! I am also looking for a old trunk and funny clothes for a "dress up" trunk ... hopefully she likes this kind of stuff!!
Can't wait to write all about our trip! Hope you all have a wonderful week!! time when we get back (sigh). Goodnight!

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