Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week in Review

Sadye came and visited this past week. We had a really great time and I was really sad for her to go home. She and I didn't really get along all that well growing up so for us to have such a wonderful relationship now is SUCH a blessing! I think Ava was sad that she left also. I swear she didn't put her down for a minute the entire week she was here. (spoiled Ava a little, but that's okay :) )

We didn't do anything overly exciting while she was here but on Wednesday Ava had to get her first shots since being in the hospital. Oh boy that did not go over well. The look she was giving me was enough to make my heart break in two. It was as if she were saying (through the screaming fit and tears) "mama how could you let them do this to me?!" UGH it broke my heart! So that afternoon she was pretty fussy and didn't feel all that well.

Yesterday we went to Wichita with Nini, Mom, and Isaac and boy was that trip a trainwreck. To make a LONG story short, Nini and Mom had a blowout, lost the only set of keys to the same car, later on found the keys, and then got home to realize that Nini's air conditioner was not working in the 100 degree heat. It was stressful to say the least so Sadye, Isaac, and I decided to go for a swim (which was a lot of fun).

Fun week with Sadye overall. Can't wait for her to come visit again!

Considering the stressful day in Wichita yesterday, I decided that Ava and I would have a relaxing day around the house today. I worked on our wedding scrapbook (that I've been working on FOREVER), read (My Sister's Keeper - SO good), and just layed around the house. Ava played in her Baby Einstein Tunnel a lot today. She has gotten to where she can scoot herself around on her back so she would smile and coo at the animals as she scooted her way in a semi circle. It is very entertaining to hear her little "laughs"! It was a relaxing day but I will admit I had a small case of "cabin fever" and look forward to getting out tomorrow.

Anyway, I look forward to writing about all of my adventures with our 2 month old, Ava, our "little bit of heaven".

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